CI/CD on Kubernetes

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Key themes of the series:
  • • Introduction to release management & Cloud Native tools with Kubernetes 
  • • Service Mesh and it's role in delivering fully tested code
  • • CI/CD toolsets that can be used with Kubernetes
Beneficial for:
  • • Developers of all skill levels interested in delivering code with Kubernetes
  • • Businesses looking to adopt CI/CD using Kubernetes
  • • Architects & DevOps engineers wanting to understand tools to enable Continuous Delivery with Kubernetes



speaker-neependra.pngNeependra is the founder & principal consultant at CloudYuga, which offers training & consulting for corporates on various cloud-native & DevOps technologies and practices. He is a Docker Captain, a Certified Kubernetes Administrator, an instructor with The Linux Foundation and edX on Docker and Kubernetes, author of the book 'Docker Cookbook', speaker at multiple DevOps conferences and organizer of the Docker Bangalore Meetup group.


Session Content Videos

Building Blocks to run CI/CD on Kubernetes

In this webinar we’ll cover the basics required before diving deep into CI/CD with Kubernetes.

• Introduction to Cloud Native & the landscape
• Immutable Infrastructure
• Docker/Container Images & Builder
• Introduction to Container orchestration & Kubernetes
• Custom Resource Definitions (CRD) in Kubernetes
• Introduction to CI/CD

Kubernetes Package Management and Cloud Native CI/CD with JenkinsX

In this webinar we’ll cover Kubernetes package management using Helm and one of the leading cloud native CI/CD tools - Jenkins X, which is implemented using Kubernetes CRDs.

• Recap of CI/CD
• Helm
• Jenkins
• Jenkins X

CI/CD pipelines with a service mesh

In this webinar we’ll look at how a service mesh can be used in conjunction with CI/CD pipelines

• What is a service mesh
• Istio service mesh
• Spinnaker
• CI/CD pipelines & service mesh

CI/CD Toolsets

In this webinar we’ll cover other useful toolsets which can be used for CI/CD.

• GitLab
• Argo
• GitOps
• CircleCI