Deploying & Managing Containerized Workloads in the Cloud

Video demos & step-by-step tutorials

This series covers the essentials of containers including container lifecycle management, deploying multi-container applications, scaling workloads, and provides a thorough understanding of Kubernetes, along with best practices of running stateful applications.

Beneficial for: Developers of all skill levels interested in designing, developing, and deploying microservices and containerized applications.



Janakiram MSV is an analyst, advisor and an architect at Janakiram & Associates. Through his speaking, writing and analysis, he helps businesses take advantage of the emerging technologies. He is a regular contributor to the Forbes Technology section. He is also a contributor at The New Stack and TechRepublic. Janakiram is an adjunct faculty at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H) where he teaches Big Data, Cloud Computing, Containers and DevOps and to the students enrolled for the Masters course.


Session Content Learning Resources

Getting Started with Containers

• Docker Architecture
• Setting up Docker Environment in DigitalOcean
• Configuring Docker Engine
• Docker Hub
• Launching Containers
• Adding Volumes
• Creating Images
• Exporting and Importing Images
• Running a Private Registry
• Configuring Docker Engine for Private Registry

Building Containerized Applications

• Dockerfile
• Linking Containers
• Exploring Networking
• Docker Compose
• Scaling Containers

Getting Started with Kubernetes

• Kubernetes overview
• Setting up Kubernetes Cluster
• Configuring & exploring development environment
• Getting familiar with Kubernetes CLI
• Deploying an application in Kubernetes

A Closer Look at Kubernetes

• Pods
• Replication Controllers
• Services
• Deployments
• Labels
• Nodes
• Cluster / Namespaces

Deploying Microservices in Kubernetes

• Overview of 12-factor applications
• Key attributes of microservices
• Deploying a microservices application in Kubernetes
• Scaling and managing microservices
• Securing microservices

Deploying Stateful Services in Kubernetes

• Overview of Volumes
• Configuring Persistent Volumes & Persistent Volume Claims
• Overview of StatefulSet
• Configuring and Deploying a MongoDB Replicaset as StatefulSet